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We’re just as committed to sustainability as you are

More than ever before, protecting our environment is of paramount importance to our customers. Architects, designers and builders are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly materials so they can deliver a more sustainable outcome for end users and our wider communities.


Belgotex Fabrics is equally committed to this outcome. That’s why over the last decade, the Belgotex Fabrics Green Team has been actively and consistently implementing a range of initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment. From the raw materials we source, to our manufacturing processes and factory practices, we’re invested in providing our customers with environmentally responsible fabric solutions.


Proud to be an ecoBiz Champion

The Queensland Government awarded Belgotex Fabrics the ecoBiz Champion Status in 2016. This formally recognises our long-standing sustainability efforts across our entire organisation. But we’re not stopping there. Every member of our team is dedicated to a process of continual improvement so that all of us can look forward to an even greener future.



How we are minimising our footprint

Reduced energy use

•Reduction of warm-up and shut-down cycle times on our machinery

•Installation of an advanced energy-efficient warehouse lighting system, incorporating light sensors and movement detectors

•Installation of a 100 Kw solar power system, making us the only Australian mill to use solar energy


Reduced water use

•Reduced warm-up and shut-down cycle times on our machinery


Reduced waste

•Recycling streams increased to now include yarn, plastic yarn cones and cardboard

•Implemented manufacturing changes that have reduced material inputs


Environmentally friendly raw materials

•We only source raw materials, including yarns, from Oeko-Tex certified mills

•This means our raw materials have been independently tested and certified to be free from environmentally harmful substances